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FEATURES of all Trace Technology Models

Interference Free Detection Light Source Calibrated by Keypad Digital Electronics
ASTM Method References Display Contrast Calibrated by Keypad Temperature Compensation
Operator Keypad Up to 90 days on 100' roll of tape LED Light Source
Push-Button Calibration Tape Remaining Monitor Dual Processor Power
24-Bit A/D Conversion On Screen Event Log Status Report Log
Graphic Data Displays New configuration and software supplied on Memory Module Swept Volume Humidifier
4-20 mA Loop Offline mode prevents unwanted alarms during Sensing Tape Replacement and other adjustments As little as 5 watts on Models 050, 100 and 200
Compact Size Hinged-door Access
Lightweight Word Menu Displays
Flow-through Filter Latch Block open to Change Tape
Ease of Installation and Operation


Modbus RTU Data Communication on RS232 or RS485 One or two Concentration Alarms Diagnostic Alarm
SmartTalk Software iTrace Electronic Flowmeter
Cabinet Heater*1 Liquids Block Filter Back Lighted Display
Auto Calibration*2 LCD Graph Display Cabinet Stand for Model 100 and 200
Range Change Multiple Streams

*1 Not available on Model 50 or DC Powered Analyzers
*2 Not available on Model 50