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Data Communication

The Data Communication option allows almost all functions that can be performed at the Analyzer to be performed remotely. Data available remotely is listed below.

Data communication can be RS232 full duplex or RS485 half duplex (2-Wire). RS232 connections are wired as DCE for direct connection to a personal computer. Trace Technology SmartTalk software or any Modbus communication software can be used to communicate with the Analyzer using Modbus RTU.

• Communication can be at 9600, 19200, 38400 and 115200 bits per second.
• Byte structure can be O81, O71, E81, E71, N82, N72, N81.

Data Available:

  • Read Only Data:
    • Real Time Reading
    • Status
    • Display Units
    • Range
    • Field Reference
    • Serial Number
    • Model Number
    • Tape Remaining in days
    • Flow Rate % if Electronic Flow meter installed
    • Alarms Installed on the Analyzer
    • LED Power %
    • PCB Temperature
    • Feet of Tape Remaining
    • Millivolts from the detector immediately after the tape advance
    • Software Version of the analyzer
    • Installed Options
    • Event Log – Log of up to 8000 of the most recent events
    • Data Logs
      • A Week Log Data Record is saved at three minute intervals. The Week Log Data Record will contain the maximum and minimum reading for the interval along with a Time and Date stamp. The Week Log Data Record can contain 7 to 9 days of data.
      • A Month Data Log is available. The Month Log is the Week Log compressed to fifteen minute intervals.
  • Read / Write Data:
    • Analyzer clock time
    • Auto-calibration Settings
    • Flow Alarm Enable
    • Low Tape Alarm Setting in Days
    • Concentration Alarm Values
    • Concentration Alarm Enable/Disable
    • Active Stream
    • Stream Enable/Disable
    • Concentration Alarm Latch State
    • Active Range
  • Save Only Data (Commands):
    • Reset the Analyzer
    • Clear the analyzer Logs
    • Set Field Reference to 1.000
    • Start Auto-calibration if option installed