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Available Readings and Events

Data Logs

  • Week Log - A Week Log Data Record is saved at three minute intervals. The Week Log Data Record will contain the maximum and minimum reading for the three minute interval along with a Time and Date stamp. After 9 days of data have been stored, the two oldest days are discarded. The Week Log always contains 7 days of data.
  • Month Log - The Month Log is the Week Log compressed to fifteen minute intervals. After 41 days of data have been stored, the oldest 12 days are discarded. The Month Log always contains 29 days of data.
  • Week Log and Month Log data are only available through the Data Communication option
  • Event Log - The Event Log can contain up to 8100 Event Records. At 8100 records, the oldest 1/3 of the records are discarded.
  • The Event Log is available on the analyzer display or through the Data Communication Option