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Trace Technology manufactures analytical instruments. Trace's primary line of instruments are hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and total sulfur detection/concentration/analysis systems for the oil, natural gas, refinery, and petrochemical industries. The technology features microprocessor executed software algorithms, LED illumination sources, optical coupling, analytical colorimetery, and electromechanical actuators combined with a user friendly interface for easy operation.

A wide selection of models are available for application-specific area classifications and detection ranges. Detailed information is available on all models from cabinet size to process descriptions.

Our online quote request system allows you to fill in a web form according to the type of application that you seek, and receive a response via e-mail or other medium. Put Trace Technology to work for you.

Emissions Control

TRACErase uses technology based on a catalytic combustion process to oxidize vented samples thus preventing fugutive emissions from entering the atmosphere without causing back pressure on the analyzer.

Packaged to provide explosion proof protection, this unit may be used in hazardous locations.

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